Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Half Way There and All the Way to Nashville

Last Friday I reached the 20 week mark, so it's countdown time to baby now!!!! Been feeling lots of kicks, punches and flips and the belly is growing.

Also, last Friday I headed to Nashville for girls' weekend/Mel's 30th. We had a wonderful time and ate waaaaaay too much. We also found that we are not nearly as young as we used to be. We always had big plans after dinner, but both nights we ended up in our hotel, in our pjs, drinking wine and talking. Below are a few pics, but be sure to click Mel's blog link (to the right under friends and family) to see her pics as well. Her blog tells a nice story of the weekend.

Mel and her boyfriend

I was obsessed with these dogs.

Looking for shade in the park.

We thought these were so funny! This was at the Bella Meade Plantation that we toured.

Happy Birthday Mel!! We can 't wait to see what your dirty thirty years will bring!
**look how happy she is about her redneck wine glass**

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 1 Year!!!!!!

Excuse me, a belated 1 year to my hubby who never ceases to amaze me with his patience, selflessness and love (especially through my pregnancy antics). He actually told me the other day that I haven't been so bad lately. Sadly, that made me so happy. OOhhhh marriage!

Rob skipped out on work and made the trip into NYC with me for his first (my third) ultrasound and dinner to celebrate. So our first stop, Dr.'s office.....

Look at that melon!!! Should I be scared?? Baby weighs a whopping 1/2 lb right now and has all his/her parts. We won't be finding out the sex, so enjoy the anticipation!

While I worked, Diva Rob had his morning coffee, wandered around the city and read in Central Park. During his adventures he ran into Ben Stiller!

Lastly, we headed to Greenwich Village for dinner at Laconda Verde (Robert De Niro's restaurant). It was very tasty, especially the chocolate cake at the end. Oh how I looooove chocolate. When we arrived we noticed secret service and paparazzi surrounding the restaurant. We just figured someone was coming or going around that area. Low and behold, our waitress comes over and says, "Now don't freak out, but Michelle Obama, Oprah, Beyonce, Star Jones, Whoopi and some others would be having dinner there as well." We didn't freak out (in front of her). A few celebrities came through the front, but Michelle was snuck in through the back. Rob was determined to get a picture of her, so he ran outside with the crowd and tried, but was not successful. Below is a link to the festivities.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Practicing, Late Dinner and A Lazy Sunday

Rob practicing holding baby. Doesn't Yoda look thrilled?
Yesterday we headed to eat a very late, very large Italian dinner with our friends Ginger and Ed. We could hardly move out of our seats when we were done. Rob says he is not eating anything all day because he is so full. Before dinner I was able to pry Rob away from his March Madness games to snap picks of me and the growing belly.

About a week and a half into month 5! Time is flying now!
Sans sweater, so you can see the full package, yeah!
Since we were out late (clearly we never do anything, because staying up until 1:00 was like impossible), we slept in and decided to skip morning mass and opt to go to to the 5PM mass on the Princeton campus. Maybe we will go to Thomas Sweet for some icecream after. Yummm!!!!

Lazy cats and people

Jack playing the with fish pond app. So neat!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I pause for a long time and shake my head because this has been a never ending battle between Rob and I. We can't agree on anything!

Let me just vent for a second. First of all, um I'm the girl, I have been thinking of what to name my future children since I was a little girl. Second, does he forget the child is growing in me and I am the one that is doing all the work for nine months, not to mention the really painful, hard work that is needed at the end to get it out! Lastly, he is not the one getting up to pee in the middle of the night, struggling every morning to find something that fits and looks appropriate and who's boobs and belly feel like they are going to explode at times (and they aren't even big yet, but the skin is stretching, ish!)!! So that being said, don't you think the girl had more pull than the guy in this??

All that being said, I got some very helpful naming advice from a papa of 3. See below.

3 Things to keep in mind when choosing a name:

#1- Middle name= irrelevant
In the sense that it doesn't have to sound perfect with the first or last (people hardly ever say or see your full name). Don't worry about the order of first and middle if you think one or the other first has a better flow (again people hardly ever say or see your full name). Just pick a name you like or that means something and go with it.

#2- Don't not choose a name because it reminds you of someone you knew or know and maybe don't favor or just the fact that it's their name too (especially if you aren't that close with them). As soon as it's your child's name, their face is the only one you will see.

#3- Don't not choose a name because someone else recently named their baby the same name (again, if you aren't super close with them).

Oh and this is the bonus rule:
If you decide on a name and do tell people ahead of time, make sure they know.........................

This really helped me because I obsess over the order and flow when really it doesn't matter. Others may feel differently, but to me it makes things soooo much easier.

More pictures to come soon. I promise.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Little kicks, punches or flips, not really sure, but I have definitely been feeling them. It is so neat and also offers confirmation that all seems to be going well inside. Rob kept giving me a hard time and saying I was making it up, but finally last night he felt two little thumps. For a second his face lit up and he said maybe if we concentrate it will do it again. Baby didn't move for him again, but I did feel a few more and at that point Rob had already lost interest. He said he would wait to feel them when it was bigger. Oh men, they really don't become papas until the baby comes out do they?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly Catch Up and Chick Fil A Nuggets

On Tuesday Rob and I had dinner in the city at The Spotted Pig in the west village. The steak was amazing and oh the flourless chocolate cake!!!!! Though I work in the city, I miss living there so much. After we hopped the train home we arrived at our apartment only to realize that our lil Yoda had snuck into the coat closet that morning and had been in there all day!! It was my fault because Rob didn't wear a coat that day. I'm such a horrible mother. Rob was like, "Is this what I have to look forward to?". He quickly forgave us after Rob fed him. He did manage to pull all the coats down and pee on everything.

Friday, Jevne and I went on a movie date (reminds me Lys, we need to plan a night). We saw Wanderlust and had Chipotle. It's right next to the theatre and both of us could eat it 3 times a week. We love it!

Saturday it was off to PA for Rob's cousin's wedding shower. After that, Rob's sister (Stef) and I headed to the outlets. Of course all I bought were baby clothes!!! Oh so cute you can't resist.

Today, we decided we were going to fry some food for dinner. Rob's parents had brought over a fryer that they never opened, so we figured we may use it. We opened it up, put it together, read the directions and got scared. We opted to fry our chicken in a pan and then finish it off in the oven. Anyone want a fryer???? Okay so the Chick Fil A nuggets. Rob said he read somewhere that they soak their chicken in pickle juice to give it that unique flavor, so I tried it and it worked! Not sure if they really do, but definitely had that tang to it. Next step is figuring out the batter.

So on to next week of working and commuting. Definitely going to need to buy some clothes this week. Fitting into skirts and pants is getting tough and I find myself wearing all the same things. oh no!!!!

Just a few random pics of my babies. They need a little love and attention on the blog. These shots were originally for our Christmas card (yes I do photo shoots of the cats for our card).

Black Jack- He and I are soooo in love. He snuggles up with me every night.

Yoda striking a pose. This is his good side.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Florida, Family and a Tricky Belly

Can it really be???? Two posts in two days?!!!! Wow, go me! Anyway, last weekend we went down to Florida for the long weekend and had a great time soaking up the sun, relaxing and eating.

At Coconuts in Fort Lauderdale
At Guanabana in Jupiter Beach

Just hanging out by the pool

Okay the tricky belly......For those you that have been pregnant probably already know that the belly changes throughout the day. Friends and family that I don't get to see daily keep asking, "do you look pregnant?" and my answer always is, "well sometimes." See below.

This is in the am after a light breakfast. Not really anything there.

This is in the afternoon post lunch! POP! there it is! (clothes make it look bigger too)
By the end of the day your skirt, pants, dress are tight and uncomfortable. Can be frustrating because it all fit when you put it on in the morning. My solution, lots of spandex!!! Stretchy everything!!!